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Oregon High Desert Grotto sticker (about 5.5"x 2")
Cost - $1.00 per sticker
Shipping - Case by case basis (email us for details by clinking contact above)


Patch white

Oregon High Desert Grotto patch
Our grotto has joined the ranks and has released its very own patch.
Buy one to complete your collection!
Cost - $3.50 per patch
Shipping - Case by case basis (email us for details by clinking contact above)




The Oregon High Desert Grotto is an internal organization of the National Speleological Society. We are dedicated to the study and preservation of caves.


Membership in the Grotto is $15 a year and comes with an invitation to the Yahoo! Groups forum, access to the Grotto library, issues of the Oregon Underground newsletter, and information on yearly caving activities and trips.



Glacier Cave Explorers: donate here