Welcome to the Oregon High Desert Grotto

Pictograph Cave skylight Chris Castle 9183 - 85 (1)

Welcome to the official website of the Oregon High Desert Grotto. We are a small group of cavers out of the central Oregon area. Our Grotto is dedicated to the study and preservation of caves but we also have fun exploring them too. We participate in activities like surveying, management, photo documentation, as well as cave cleanups. Anyone is eligible to join our Grotto and we are looking for members that recognize caves as limited and fragile resources and treat them with respect. Membership is currently $15 and entitles you to our newsletter as well as an invitation to our Yahoo! group forum and that's all in addition to some amazing cave trips. Since our grotto is an internal organization of the NSS (National Speleological Society) we also encourage new members to join the NSS as well. Click on the "Contact" button at the top if you'd like to become a member or have a question for us.



The Oregon High Desert Grotto is an internal organization of the National Speleological Society. We are dedicated to the study and preservation of caves.


Membership in the Grotto is $15 a year and comes with an invitation to the Yahoo! Groups forum, access to the Grotto library, issues of the Oregon Underground newsletter, and information on yearly caving activities and trips.



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