This page is a dedicated repository of caving articles of interest to the Oregon High Desert Grotto or caving in Oregon. Dead links will undoubtedly show up.


Newspaper articles (mentioning the OHDG):

Shooting video inside ice cave on Mount Hood - by Joseph Gallivan, Portland Tribune 10/02/2013

Into the Dark - Hannah Harris, Ethos 9/29/2013

A dedicated group of central Oregon cavers have found hundreds of new caves - by Joe Hansen, The Oregonian 10/20/2012

New spider family identified in Oregon - by David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle  8/15/2012

McGregor explores hidden caves - by Jim Anderson, Nugget News  2/21/2012

A day in Charlie-The-Cave - by Jim Anderson, Nugget News  6/14/2011

Missing Lavacicles Returned to Deschutes National Forest - by Julie York, Beneath the Forest 2011 Spring

Cave Robber Case Closed: Intrepid forest investigator hunts down missing lava cave formation - by Jim Anderson, The Source Weekly  2/2/2011

Protected by Darkness - by Ryan Deto, Proma Magazine  11/18/2010

Ground Down: Despite value, urban caves prove hard to protect - by Eric Flowers, The Source Weekly  7/8/2009

State Leaders recognize spelunkers for exploring, mapping local caves - by Kate Ramsayer, The Bulletin  4/18/2009

Life Underground - by Neil Marchington & Julie York, Volcanic Vistas 2008 Summer


Newspaper articles (not mentioning the OHDG):

Caving minutes from home, In Central Oregon a cave outing is never far - by David Jasper, The Bulletin  5/17/2012

A hole new kind of discovery Explore the darkness at one of Central Oregon’s many caves - Garret Jaros, The Register-Guard  5/11/2010

Bend home banking on cave appeal Unique house is going on the market - Penny Nakamura, The Bulletin  4/16/2007


Internet articles:

Photographer Brent McGregor Captures The Beauty of Oregon's Caves - by Ed Jahn, OPB 1-/14/2013

Thin Ice - Exploring Mount Hood's Glacier Caves - by Amelia Templeton & Ed Jahn, OPB 9/??/2013~

Inside Oregon's elusive giants - by Eric Guth, BBC 9/4/2015

Oregon Cave Art Vandals Nailed - by Michael Frank, Adventure Journal 6/13/2011 [Link no longer works]

Hidden Forest Cave video - The Archaeology Channel  2011

Vandals Mar Cave In Central Oregon - by David Nogueras, OPB  5/24/2011

Caving in Oregon - produced by Think Out Loud, OPB  5/11/2011

Central Oregon's legendary crystal cave: Is it real? - by Finn J. D. John, Offbeat Oregon History  3/28/2010

Oregon Caves National Monument wild tour video - ORCA  8/31/2009 (if video doesn't work, switch browsers)

Discovery on Mount St. Helens - by Ed Jahn, OPB 10/23/2014 - video on the Oregon High Desert Grotto's involvement with the Mt. St. Helens glacier caves


Government articles:

Secretary of Agriculture Honors Local Employee - United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service  5/30/2012

Historic Cave Vandalism Suspects Caught - United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service  6/9/2011

Vandalism Harms Historic Cave - Reward Offered - United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service  5/23/2011


Oregon Field Guide:

Scientists Scramble to Understand Deadly 'White-Nose Syndrome' in Bats - produced by Ed Jahn, OPB 3/9/2011

Lava Caves - produced by Jim Newman, OPB 10/25/2007 



State Land Board Presents Annual Awards - Department of State Lands, E-News Spring 2009

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