Cave Register Program

The cave register program is maintained by the Oregon High Desert Grotto. Registers are used to document cave visitation. They are placed inside the cave and include a container with a notepad inside for people to write in the date of their visit. Not all of these registers are maintained by the Grotto, as some have been placed by other entities. Generally, leaving anything behind in a cave is frowned upon, but sometimes a register is used to document cave visitation to see how much impact the cave is receiving, as well as allowing visitors a way to "leave their mark" that doesn't damage the cave.

These are the caves with known registers in our region:

  •  Honeycomb
  •  Super Rat
  •  Keyhole
  •  Bat Crack
  •  Owyhee River (non-OHDG register)
  •  Fortymile (non-OHDG register)
  •  Tire Tube (non-OHDG register)
  •  Lower Perry (non-OHDG register)
  •  Cliff (non-OHDG register - run by private individual)
  •  Battle Axe Mountain (non-OHDG register)
  •  Crack of Doom (non-OHDG register)
  •  LB Cave (non-OHDG register - run by a church organization)



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