Horse Lava Tube System Book


The Horse Lava Tube System book project is for the most part a solo effort by myself, Matt Skeels. I've had help from fellow cavers to help survey some of the caves in the past. Special thanks to all those involved. The Horse Lava Tube System book has evolved into a two book series. The first book will be a bibliography. I'm trying to make it as comprehensive as possible. That means even minor mentions of the Horse system found in publications will be included in the bibliography. The current draft has over 100 pages. It will be directly published in pdf format with a small order of paper prints.

The second book will be a more detailed look at the system and each cave. The emphasis will be on the history of the system and will include maps and a small collection of photos. This book will be made into a hard copy. Right now the draft of the main book stands at about 55 pages. When everything is said and done, I hope to reach about 100 pages.

I have seven caves left to survey. Here's they are in order of importance:

Last Updated: 9-13-2020

  1. Tin Can Cave (somewhat easy, but entrance is now buried with rock)
  2. Tower Cave (easy; vertical)
  3. Celtic Cave (with Silent Night Cave and 5 small rootless vent caves, easy)
  4. Pop & Son and Barking Dog (removed as they are now buried or destroyed)

Here are some caves that have been surveyed in the past few years:

  •  Johnson Farm Cave # 1
  •  No Account Redmond Cave
  •  Insignificant Redmond Cave
  •  Airport Cave
  •  Dos Liebres Cave
  •  Rabbit Cave
  •  Low Bowl Cave
  •  Skin Cave 
  •  Mushroom Cave
  •  I.D. Cave
  •  Pronghorn Caves I & II
  •  Stairstep Cave
  •  Covet Caves (1 & 2)
  •  Spatter Cone Caves

As always, I'm eager to learn about possible leads for the Horse Lava Tube System, if you have info on new caves, or some history on existing caves, send me an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (remove the periods surrounding the @ symbol)




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